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Floods update
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Komati River Chalets, 26 January 2012

Komati River Chalets remained open for business during the recent heavy rains and ensuing floods that affected most of the Mpumalanga and Limpopo regions of South Africa.

Both the Crocodile and Komati Rivers came down in full flood. The low water bridge crossing over the Crocodile River into the Kruger National Park was submerged by the flooding river and the Crocodile bridge gate was closed as a result. The Malelane gate remained open however so our guests were still able to access Kruger National Park.

Crocodile River Flooding - Crocodile Bridge low water crossing


Komati River Flooding - Causeway road low water crossing

The water levels have since subsided and access to the Kruger National Park is now once again possible through Crocodile Bridge Gate.

No flooding of any of the buildings or structures at Komati River Chalets was experienced, although the water level rose to the highest we have seen it since the 2000 flooding of the Komati River. As a result of the flooding waters of the Komati River we had the large crocodile shown in the picture below resident in the gardens for a couple of days. The croc must have had some disruption to its home and decided to take refuge from the rising water in the lower gardens area of the property. It has since returned to its home somewhere in the depths of the receding river.